9 Great URLs Featuring Terrible Websites

Once upon a time, when the internet just began, people were buying every URL possible that had a chance of having some SEO significance and most of all, could make money by selling it to someone who’s actually interested in doing something with it. The result? Some incredible URL’s that could make wonderful sites, but are actually among the worse you’ll find on the web.


Instead of a website filled with Cat Galleries and actualy useful information, the first thing you notice is the ‘for sale’ message at the top of your screen.


A site that has the word friend in every category, but is mosly about links to other places and hardly has any useful content except for the home page picture.


Somewhat of a news aggregator, with links to a million other sites. No reason to stay on, no reason to come back for a visit. It hasn’t been updated since April 23, 2010.


There’s no actual site. You simply get directed to Michelle’s fashion for “every-body”, instead of some awesome fashion encylopedia or something similar.


Another dull and disappointing feed aggregator.


Not that linking to Cnet’s gadget site is that bad, but it’s probably not one someone is looking for when pressing news.com.


The ugliest and most annoying thing on the internet is stumbling upon a site like this.


A site couldn’t be any less fun than this.


For sale, if you’re interested.