The Amazing Fruit Powered Clock

Living in a world where every other living being or enterprise is going green, it’s now time for us geeks to embrace the much spoken about green gadgets. So, let us start by using this seemingly unreal fruit-powered clock to keep a track of our daily activities.

Fruit Powered Clock 1

The Fruit Powered Clock is, as its name suggests, a clock powered simply by fresh fruits and vegetables. It sounds just like one of Willie Wonka’s creations, don’t you think, only substituting fresh fruits for the chocolate?

Fruit Powered Clock 2

This clock miraculously combines the micro-electronic technology with the natural electronic potential of fresh fruits and vegetables, to give you a green, time-telling work of genius.

Fruit Powered Clock 3

This digital fruit powered clock emulates the original battery invented by Alessandro Volta over 200 years ago, that utilized lemon juice, only using a whole fruit instead, for a more artistic appeal. Besides being a clock, this fruit enabled marvel also has a built-in digital calendar. So you get two green gadgets for the price of one!

Fruit Powered Clock 4

The Fruit Powered Clock kit is available for $11.99 and includes jumper wires, time display, a rubber stop and a frame and is sure to make you one of the greenest geeks on Earth. Well, on your street at least!

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