A Green Oasis amidst Urban Chaos

While technology certainly has changed the way we live our lives, progress has come at the cost of degrading environment.

It is no secret anymore that our fast paced lives are strongly correlated with depleted natural resources and reduction in the percentage of green cover. With that in mind, Netherlands-based artist Marije van der Park has created an artistic outdoor installation which tries to emphasize the importance of going natural and remaining environmental friendly no matter how progressive we get technologically.

The artist has used an excavator and climbing plants to create a surreal installation that emphasizes the importance of peace and quiet even in the midst of progressive and urban lifestyles. The temporary metal street art installation is named Green Oasis, and offers a natural space that is green and quiet in the midst of the chaos that exists within urban landscapes.

It was created in collaboration with Jo Meestersm, for CBK Dordrecht. The installation can be used as a summer house, where you could spend a couple of hours in deep meditation while remaining oblivious to the chaos that surrounds you. The excavator in the installation represents technology, while the growing creeping plants represent the force of nature, which exists even in the most technologically decadent landscapes. The life-sized excavator with green creepers makes for a great summer house, and artists elsewhere could emulate this idea to highlight the importance of greenery in the midst of urban chaos.

You could also go ahead and take a look at the list of Futuristic Gas Stations, which we had published sometime ago. The C-1 Electric Motorcycle is a great way to make sure that you are being environmentally friendly, even when using personal transport. The Plastic Monster is an interesting installation that warns people against unsafe waste disposal techniques. It is always important to make sure that one remains close to nature, even when progressing technologically. It is not necessary that one has to give up urban lifestyles in order to promote green living. On the contrary, both can co-exist, if we choose to change our lifestyles slightly.