The Fans Have Spoken: Capcom’s Better Business Rating Falls

Once acclaimed game developer Capcom, after numerous fiascos, has just seen their Better Business Bureau rating drop after tons of fan complaints.

capcom bbb rating

Talk about a noteworthy day, where the complaints of gamers can make a difference. This week, Capcom, the game developer who brought us fan favorite franchises such as Resident Evil, Devil May Cry and others, has just seen their BBB rating plummet three whole grade points, largely because of the onslaught of fan complaints that were filed this year against them.

According to our source, Cinemablend, Capcom has received 42 closed complaints, 36 of which were filed in the past 12 months, potentially most of them filed in the past week. As far as I can tell, most of these protests have been justified.

In case you’ve been out of the loop, the once great developer has started engaging in some rather shady business practices that favor making a few extra bucks off the backs of their loyal customers. While DLC is nothing new to this generation of gaming, have DLC including on game disks that can only be unlocked later for a fee makes it seem like owners are paying twice for something they already bought.

It’s one thing to offer some fun extras like more costumes, skins and artwork for an extra fee, but having to pay for game essentials is nonsense. The worst recent example of this would be Capcom’s decision to ship Asura’s Wrath in an unfinished state, meaning that you would have to wait and pay more to see the real ending. Does paying an extra $6.99 to see how the game ends sound fun? Not really.

Hopefully this won’t be the first time that fan outrage makes a difference to selfish business practices. Maybe in the future DLC will start to be more reasonably priced, and reasonably offered.

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