Electree is Bonsai-shaped Solar Charger

When art meets green technology, you get something like an Electree solar charger. This smart device looks like a tiny bonsai tree and comes with 27 solar panels that can charge mobile gadgets like iPhones.

A battery is built right into the ‘roots’ of this tree and the panels can be positioned in a way that helps the tree to absorb as much solar energy as possible. Electree was designed by French designer Vivien Muller and the product might leave you wondering if it is a gadget or a conceptual artwork. Mr. Muller found inspiration in something that we all studied way back in school: photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is the process in which solar energy is used by plants to sustain themselves.

Electree can charge any device that comes with a USB connector which means you could charge all your digital cameras and smartphones. However, the device requires 36 hours to build enough electricity to charge your Smartphone, and that depends on the weather as well. Mr. Muller used porcelain-like white base on which you could rest your gadget while it gets charged. The 13,500 milliampere-hour battery stores converted solar energy in electric form and can be neatly placed on the window sill.

Electree costs 260 Pounds and could make for a great gift for someone who is environmentally conscious. Talking of which, we all need to be environmentally friendly and begin to use renewable sources of energy. Solar energy is one of the most promising ways to stay green, and you could grab any of the cool chargers that make use solar energy to power your gadgets. You could take a look at Unique Solar Vox, which lets you charge al your USB devices as well. If you are in the mood to groove to the beats of your favorite tune, you could take a look at the Solar Powered Portable Speakers, about which we had written sometime back.