iPad Survives 100,000ft Fall From The Edge Of Space

One manufacturer of cases has developed an impressive test for their products: dropping an iPad from a height of over 100,000 feet in the air, practically in space, The Daily Mail reports

G-Form decided to test their Extreme Edge iPad case by attaching it to a weather balloon, letting it float high above the Earth, and letting in come back down and seeing how it will do.

In a video released by a company, a man launches the iPad in the Nevada desert, which the video description says is “Near Area 51.” The balloon goes, up, and up, and up, giving the viewers an impressive view of the planet, before it finally bursts, sending the iPad plummeting back to the ground. It lands on a rocky hillside, and the man tracks it using GPS to a location near the launch site. When he finally retrieves it, the iPad still works, happily playing Disney movies as if nothing happened, despite crashing down on some hard rocks. There’s not even a scratch visible.

It’s an impressive demo, for sure, even if most of us don’t drop our electronics from space, unless we’re astronauts. But a lot of use are clumsier than we’d like to admit, and no matter how careful we are, the day will come when we lose our grip on an important and expensive piece of portable technology. A case like G-Form’s, if the company’s claims are to be believed, would be a great help for those of us who occasionally find ourselves wondering where our minds went.

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