GTA 5 Continues To Break Records And Wow Us

Watch out, every other game ever, the bar has been raised: GTA 5 continues to break records with its incredible success, to the point of appearing in the Guinness Records.

GTA-V-Breaks Records

GTA 5 might have only released a couple weeks ago, but in that time, it’s managed to set some groundbreaking records, Guinness reports. As seen in their website, Grand Theft Auto V has, so far, set six world records ever since it’s launch, added to the “most viewed trailer” it previously held.

Some of the most relevant ones are becoming the best-selling action-adventure game of all time, the best-selling video game, and the fastest entertainment property to raise $1 billion. All of this goes to prove that gaming is no longer a niche hobby, and that there’s plenty of us around the world that are currently enjoying Michael, Trevor and Franklin’s big saga. Your move, Hollywood.

Source: Cnet

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