Amazing Street Photography From GTA V

Rockstar spent so much money on making GTA V (and have profited from it too) you expect quality in about every possible detail. It’s so good, that there’s enough scenery and moments to photograph (in-game, via your cellphone), especially if you spend your time scouring Los Santos for special moments on the street.

Just Chillin’ On the Half-Pipe

GTAV Photography

Construction Worker Hard at, Well… Work

GTA V Photos

The Boring Life of the Streets in the Morning

GTA V Photo

Eating a Sandwich While Watching the Waves

GTA V Photo Art

The Rough Life of Sandy Shores

Rough Life Sandy Shores

Nikola Avenue Looking Depressing

Nikola Avenue

Looking For Work on Carson Avenue

Carson Avenue

Night Work at Marathon Avenue

Marathon Avenue

After a Joy Ride

After a Joy Ride

Working Out While Gravity Pulls You Down

Working Out vs Gravity

These screen captures were done by Fernando Pereira Gomes, a Brazilian photography student at New York’s School of Visual Arts, who also spends some time taking pictures of actual people on the actual streets.

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