Words Are Music: Guitar Mod Allows Typing While Playing

Have you ever wondered how dissonant your name is? Music can communicate, and there’s no doubt about that, but now you can go the extra mile making the notes create actual words.


David Neevel is a crafty guy. He is the creator of the Email Guitar, a pretty sweet guitar mod that turns different notes and chords into keyboard inputs on your computer. So, yeah, now you can rewrite “Of Mice and Men” or “Lord of the Flies” as sweet guitar solos (in theory!) and that’s the coolest thing ever. Or, hell, maybe Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin hold actual, literal poesy inside their classic tunes. Someone get Jimmy Page to improvise with this!

You may see the guitar actually working in the video just below these lines. Congratulations, David, this is an incredible idea!

Source: Geekologie

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