Gunnar & Razer introduce their gaming lenses

GUNNAR, the team behind the market’s best gaming eyewear for PC and consoles have released a new line together with Razer, the most well-known accesory makers.


The GUNNAR Designed by Razer are a set of eyewear that use GUNNAR’s i-AMP technology, created to improve sharpness and ensure the users’ eyes don’t tire as fast while watching high resolution images. They come in black and green, inspired by Razer’s aesthetics and slogan: “For Gamers. By Gamers”. This new line includes two variants, the RPG Designed by Razer and the Cerberus Designed by Razer. Each model is created with light, highly resistant materials to offer durability and optic quality. It has soft thermoplastic temples with rubber tips as to avoid them slipping. Furthermore, using springs that flex and contort they can adjust to any head and face shape. They also have a wide frame as to create a panoramic field of view that immerses players in the action.


Min-Liang Tan, the Razer CEO was quoted saying “Razer has always stood for cutting-edge design with brilliant products that give gamers every advantage over the competition. GUNNAR shares our passion for product innovation and design elegance, and we’re delighted to collaborate with them to push the limits of performance and style even further.


The RPG set are different for being sturdy, with a double frame created to protect the eyes and lenses at the same time. Its four core hinge and ergonomic design for the nose ensure the best flexibility for the longest time. On the other hand, the Cerberus combine classic style with modern sensibilities and construction, rounding a headset that articulates in three dimensions, and can be adjusted in the most comfortable and safest way for the longest gaming sessions.

Both of these headsets are already on sale, and can be bought for $99.99 USD at Gunnar’s official website.

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