Voyo V2 TV Box Comes with SSD Support or Power Bank Abilities

Each of the two versions of Voyo’s V2 TV box packs an attractive feature. While one can use its massive battery to double as a power bank, the other acts as external storage, due to its SSD support.

Mini PC and TV Box manufacturers have realized that in order to survive the competition, they need to equip their products with extraordinary features. Some opt for more storage, while others prefer to use gigantic batteries (in capacity, not in size) to provide additional functionality.

The version that doubles as a power bank relies on a 8000mAh battery to achieve this. Other one packs a small 4500mAh battery to provide room for an SSD. By doing that, users have access to fast storage, not to mention that the capacity is much more than what other TV boxes can offer.

Besides those features, the design also sets Voyo V2 apart from the competition. The TV box comes in a sleek body measuring 13.1 x 8.2 x 1.5 cm and weighing 300 grams. Tempered glass was used for protecting the device from scratches and damage. On top of that, the mirror finish helps the box look extremely classy, even though I would have loved to see it in other colors, as well, and not just gold.

Unique features apart, both versions are powered by an Intel quad-core CPU and an Intel HD GPU, coupled with 2GB of RAM and 32GB of ROM. In terms of connectivity, Voyo V2 sports Wi-Fi, which comes in handy when streaming videos from the network, as well as Bluetooth (for pairing mice, keyboards and game controllers), Gigabit Ethernet. To connect the box to a TV, you will have to use the HDMI port. There are no cables provided in the package, so you will have to source them yourself.

As for the software, the box runs a licensed version of Microsoft 8.1. Multimedia playback is ensured by the addition of XBMC. The hardware is capable of playing videos up to 4K, so that’s yet one more worry you can strike off the list.

While the power bank-version of Voyo V2 TV box is sold by GearBest for $123.24 (or $118.89, if you use coupon code VOYOV28 at checkout), the one with SSD support runs for $134.06. No matter which one you choose, Voyo V2 looks like a very promising TV box, both in features and design.

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