DeepShot Syncs Web Apps Between Desktop & Mobile Devices

We are always looking for ways to work on multiple projects on several different devices.  One new app would allow you to sync running apps from the desktop to a mobile device in the time it takes to snap a photo.

Syncing bookmarks between your desktop and mobile devices is certainly helpful when there is a particular site you like to visit a lot. Syncing the files you have on a computer to your iPhone or iPod touch and back again can be helpful when you need to quickly and easily tote that special presentation from home to work isn’t nearly as hard as it used to be.  But imagine if you could actually open the same exact app you were running on your desktop, on your mobile phone and even open it right where you left off.

Tsung-Hsiang Chang, a graduate student at MIT, working with a member of Google’s research and development team has actually managed to develop a program that will allow you to take a picture of an application you are running on your desktop, like Google Maps using your smartphone.  Once the picture is taken, the program – named Deepshot– will open that exact application on your phone and in the same spot you have it running on the desktop.

DeepShot relies on the fact that many internet programs use a common format known as URI (uniform resource identifier.)  These URI’s can be used to identify where a program is running and if you can obtain the specific URI for each step of that Google Maps routing guidance, you can open to a specific part of the guidance.  DeepShot simply records the URIs and opens them automatically.  Chang and his partner Yang Li produced this new kind of software while they were both working on a summer internship at Google and (yep you guessed it) Google now owns the rights to this particular tech.  While the internet giant has yet to make this particular software available to the general public yet, it seems inevitable and soon.  Chang says that while the program currently only works with web apps, a few tweaks to off the shelf software could make DeepShot compatible to those as well.

Check out the video demonstrating the software.