Magical Harry Potter Paper Artwork

With the final Harry Potter movie now out in theaters, it’s no surprise that we’re seeing yet another wave of amazing fan art, including these paper portraits. The series, as even someone only vaguely familiar with the franchise knows, features lots of magic. However, magic can be tough to show visually, something which the movies had to deal with and which fan artists regularly struggle with. This paper art by Brittney Lee, found on TechEBlog, is almost magical in itself, its unique qualities really going with the otherworldly aspects of the Harry Potter world. The concept sounds quite simplistic, creating a portrait by simply taking colored sheets of paper, cutting them into shapes, and gluing them onto a surface. However, one look at these shows that they’re more intricate than that; they’re quite three-dimensional, instead appearing more like a shallow-depth diorama than something flat like a painting.

Harry Potter Paper Art Owls

Harry Potter Paper Art Owl Close-up

The first image is of young Harry Potter with the owls. In the close-up you can see some of the amazing details, such as the layering of his hair, the way the scarf wraps around him, and how the robe drapes over his arm. In the full shot, you can see all the other adorable owls, each given its own unique design, and you can also appreciate just how detailed the background elements are.

Harry Potter Paper Portrait Patronus

Harry Potter Patronus Paper Art Close-up

The second portrait is even more astonishing, however. Even the depictions of Harry, Ron, and Hermione down in the corner are impressive enough, but the real action is the Patronus coming from Harry’s up-raised wand. The stag is beautifully detailed both in shape and in the whimsical texture it has. Furthermore, you can see the waves of conjuring magic emanating from the wand. Looking up to the top-left corner, you can see the stag’s horns clashing with the evil darkness of a Dementor; a closer look also shows a shadowy, clawed hand reaching out of the dark mass. Overall, both portraits are striking and it will be interesting to see if this sort of artwork catches on to become more mainstream. For more Harry Potter fun, check out this Sorting Hat Cake or a truly amazing Matchstick Hogwarts Castle Reproduction.