10 Creative Ways To Heat Food: Bye Bye Microwave!

There are times when the heart, or rather the stomach craves piping hot food, but alas the microwave is nowhere in sight. Fortunately that hasn’t stopped enterprising folks to partake in epicurean adventures, as they have found some rather creative ways to heat food. So while the inimitable Steve Jobs may have once famously said, “stay hungry, stay foolish,” yet don’t underestimate the power of food, since it can make one do strange strange things. Listed below are some the most innovative and silly ways to heat food and most of them boggle the mind.  Do also let us know if you have tried any of them at home and more important did the food turn out to be edible?

Iron Meat

The ubiquitous iron just became handier, as one can even heat some salami on it. Lets just hope that the iron was cleaned thoroughly afterwards, since no one wants their clothes to smell like meat, unless of course, they are Lady Gaga.

Hairdryer Heating

Using the hairdryer to heat noodles is either ingenuous or just plain foolish. The jury may be still out on it, and honestly speaking we are leaning towards the latter.

The Double Trouble Effect

Talk about a double whammy. Looks as if someone didn’t want to play the ‘hunger game’ and resorted to using the hairdryer and the iron together. Surprisingly it worked, as the pizza slice is looking rather sumptuous.

Radiating Meat

Heating a burger doesn’t require much skill, but it does usually require a microwave, however not always. Any guesses on how long it took to heat this burger?

Under The Hood

An interesting take on the traditional tailgate party. Not only can one heat food on their car engine, but also apparently cook a meal from start to finish.

Shockingly Good Food

Statutory Warning: Don’t attempt this at home, as you may just get electrocuted.

Someone must have been extremely drunk to attempt this rather silly food heating experiment at home. Did it work? We don’t know and are concerned that he didn’t live to tell the tale.

Motel No Wait Molten Breakfast

Find the breakfast at motels unpalatable? Then, next time bring your own groceries and have a hot meal at the motel’s expense by using their radiators as grills. Hey, even George Foreman would approve.

Go Carting

We are all for reusing obsolete items, but this is taking things to a whole new level. Someone actually went to the trouble of heating food by turning a cart into a grill, collecting firewood and then lighting a fire. The things people do in the name of food.

Want Some Steamed Milk?

Looks as though someone was really hankering for a cup of coffee and didn’t make it to the kitchen. The iron looks big enough to accommodate some slices of bread as well.

Coffee Burger

Someone decided to save a few bucks by avoiding room service and heating their takeaway on a coffee maker. This one actually works and is a great alternative to the microwave when you are traveling.

Gunning For A Sandwich?

Home Improvement’s Tim will be proud, though can’t say the same thing about his assistant Al. Using a heat gun to grill a sandwich is pretty far out, and I can’t wait to try this one out at home.