Prepare A Holiday “Streets Of Rage” Roast Turkey

Give a gaming-themed twist to a tasty holiday roast meal with this recipe, based on a handy item from Sega’s Streets of Rage, by Gourmet Gaming.

Gourmet Gaming Streets of Rage Roast Image 2

If there’s one great (or bad) thing about the holiday season, it’s the gut-busting amount of delectable food that is within arms reach at any given office-party celebration or short vacation with the folks. Great St. Nick, there’s even special holiday eats for the gamer enthusiast in all of us too — like this tasty recipe that should be a festive hit at any nerdy shindig.

Here we have is a Streets of Rage Roast Poultry dish made by Gourmet Gaming, a bird so tasty-looking that it would make any Scrooge quickly turn their curmudgeonly ways, no three spirits needed. Plus with this recipe, you also won’t have to worry about picking up any dangerous germs unlike Sega’s popular brawler version; who the heck knows what that bird has come in contact with or who left it there. Seriously, gross.

Gourmet Gaming Streets of Rage Roast Image

Alright, now I know not many of us aren’t Chef Emeril Lagasse’s or Alton Brown’s in the kitchen, don’t I know it, but this recipe is thankfully not a complicated mess to put together, with the only required equipment needed being a large roasting tray and a wooden skewer. You might get your hands a little dirty and the brim of your forehead sweaty, but hey, it’s all worth it for the delicious end result. Mmm… delicious end result.

Just chop veggies, stuff said veggies into any kind of small bird, be it turkey, chicken, what have you, then season with lemon, cloves of garlic, parsley and two bay leafs, and finally pop into the oven at 200C/400F — basting every 20 minutes — for two hours. Follow Gourmet Gaming’s Streets of Rage Roast Poultry recipe as best as possible, and ta-da… a yummy roast.

Whether you want to fully complete the whole Streets of Rage theme by placing your roast bird underneath a box or an oil drum is totally up to you. Just carve up, sit back comfortably, probably watch this awesome Left 4 Dead movie trailer or check out the new year release line up for Nintendo — and dig in, my friends. Happy Holidays!