Celebrate with Delectable Halo Cupcakes

Halo probably is one of the most enduring science fiction games ever. If you are a Halo fan you certainly would love these great looking Halo Cupcakes, which look delectably delicious.

The Halo cupcakes seem to celebrate not only the game but also the console it’s specifically designed for, the Xbox. It would be interesting to get some geeks home and throw a Halo-themed party, with these cakes being the highlight of the evening.

It is funny how people never get tired of baking cakes that are inspired by video games and other pop culture references. Probably it is the most satisfying way to acknowledge one’s loyalty towards a particular video game or character, as baking must be very tough. Most people would agree that baking any cake that is edible at the end of the day is a surprising feat.

When people bake cupcakes that are so pretty to look at, it gets one wondering if they should even consider gobbling down these pieces of art. Talking about art, somebody actually baked 10,000 cupcakes and arranged them all to form a beautiful Cherry Blossom Tree, which I think is totally out of this world. If cupcakes aren’t what you fancy, you could also try these delicious St. Patrick’s Day Cakes.