Helvetica, My Hero: A Pop Culture Take On The Alphabet

You might know your ABC, no one’s denying it, but now you can give it a geeky spin thanks to some clever design work. Introducing, Helvetica, My Hero, a Helvetica font collection with superhero themes.

This is the work of René Mambembé, a young French designer who took the entire alphabet in Helvetica font, and gave it a geeky touch by adding superheroes to each letter. In some cases, there’s more than one for each letter, so you’re meant to find your favorite one way or the other.

Let us know what you think about these pieces in the comments section below the post. Be our guest!

Now, here’s a couple other geeky alphabets you might want to check out in case Helvetica just doesn’t strike your fancy. We are partial to The 1980?s Film Alphabet and Video Game Characters Alphabet. Enjoy!