Quirky Confectioner’s Hickory Dickory Dock Clock Cake

Come party time and everyone wants to make the most of it. And when it’s your little one’s birthday, wouldn’t you want the very best for her? What would be better than to surprise her with a unique and creative birthday cake?

Moms around the world know what their little ones fancy the most. Keep that in mind and incorporate the idea into the cake you bake or order for your kid. If it’s a clock that the birthday girl fancies, think up a way to surprise her with a Hickory Dickory Dock clock cake with a lovely looking cake.

You can experiment with having half of it baked in chocolate mud cake and the top half in vanilla sponge. The fondant can be covered creatively with sugar paste and royal icing. The tiny rats on sentinel all over the cake make it all the more intriguing.

The fascinating Hickory Dickory Dock cake with a cute lock embedded inside it were all created by a very ingenious cake decorator and baker from South Yorkshire. She loves experimenting and making her cakes beautiful, original and enticing. She has a natural flair for baking the most unusual of cakes.

Calling herself the Quirky confectioner, the rule she adheres to rigidly, is to never copy from others. All her ideas pertaining to cake baking are original. While she is not into baking cakes, she loves teaching science to eleven to sixteen year-olds!

Anyone would love to be the gifted one of her myriad cakes. The Quirky confectioner makes tiny cakes like vanilla fudge, chocolate brazil nut, Turkish Delight, Rum and raisin truffle and cashew nut cluster as cute stocking filler gifts. There is no dearth of innovative ideas that she can come up with when it comes to baking cakes. In the Quirky Confectioner’s unique collection, she sports cute Welsh English wedding cakes, all with English and Welsh flags around it and Mickie and Minnie mouse on top.

The best of Quirky Confectioner’s collection is easily the Hickory Dickory Dock Clock cake with half of it in chocolate mud cake and the top half in vanilla sponge. It is very artistically decorated with tiny gold mice standing at sentinel on the top four corners of the cake.

Have fun biting into one of that unique Quirky Confectioner’s chocolate collection and make your little one relish the delicious chocolate cake too.

This cake looks too delicious to be destroyed for your appetite! Well, make sure you also go through Olympus Camera Cake and Wolverine Cake.

Via: Flickr