8 Hipster Words Posters Promoting Hipster Script

What are hipsters? Why doesn’t anyone like them? Do they know that they’re hipsters, or is it something only observed from the outside?

In honor of hipsters and a new typeface from Sudtipos, Hipster Script, Ale Paul teamed up with Jon Parker and created a series of posters to promote the new font, using sentences likely to come out of the mouth of someone characterized as a hipster.

Use Typeface that don’t exist

I love to watch you listening to me

You can’t buy cool

I’m really into alternate characters

I won an award but it’s no big deal

Having more swashes than most fonts

Actually using a font that came with your operating system?

Hanging on my every word

To get the new font, just go to http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/sudtipos/hipster-script-pro/ and license Hipster Script with a 30% off for a limited time.