The History of Advertising [Infographic]

Check out this awesome history of advertising infographic which offers a very colorful timeline of the early roots of the industry right up to today!

history of advertising
Advertising has been around almost as long as human civilization, but not quite to the same extent that we have it today. According to the infographic, some of the first ads popped up around the time of the ancient Egyptian civilizations serving more as public notices and announcements than the call to buy or sell.

Where ads were once carved into stone, in the modern age they moved to paper, radio, television and finally the internet. We see more ads on a daily basis today than any generation before us. This infographic really makes you think, especially when it starts getting into modern times.

I suppose it doesn’t hurt that it’s actually quite a lot of fun to read as well. I found myself a little bit addicted as I scrolled down reading each entry, and I guess that’s kind of what they were going for here. Be sure to notice that our source included this infographic in the “business” section, so it’s not just here for fun.

All the same, enjoy the journey!

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