LEGO Machine Complete With Robot Arms & Conveyor Belts

A really awesome machine made mostly from LEGO pieces incorporates robot arms and conveyor belts to carry tiny pieces across an epic journey.

awesome lego machine

According to our source, this entire machine was created by a Youtube member named ctx0075 over the holiday period. Judging from the complexity of the machine I’d say he needed a whole team with him to build the thing, as well as a good month’s worth of planning! It definitely takes a solid understanding of mechanics and maybe even an engineering degree to become this good with LEGO.

The machine essentially transports tiny soccer balls and basketballs across a series of conveyor belts, escalators and robot arms. Along the way a few tracks lead the pieces up slopes, defy gravity and even a few truck rides for good measure.

Check out the video below to see this awesome machine in action. It’s really quite incredible once you see how many different moving parts it has going for it, and most of it made from your standard LEGO pieces!

More than a few parts of this video really blew me away. From the section of the machine that uses a scale to separate the soccer balls from the basketballs to the cargo train to the waterwheels, everything was truly innovative and from the basketballs is genuinely innovative and a joy to watch in action.

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