Bleeding Violin Offers Hitman Franchise Gaming Tribute

In wake of the violent and addicting Hitman games comes a piece of fan art that acts as a tribute to IO Interactive’s popular game franchise.
Rice Puppet's Hitman Controller Fan Art
Rice Puppet, an artist at DeviantART and founder of Bleeding Violin (a gaming accessory customizing business), has hand-painted Xbox 360, Wii, and PS3 controllers with comic book-style illustrations Agent 47 would approve of, well, at least he might if he wasn’t so busy assassinating everyone.

The design includes a pair of Hitman’s trademark Silverballers, painted symmetrically along the handles and 47’s white shirt and stark red tie down the middle with a trail of blood dripping off it, all without painting over any buttons. Rice Puppet claims in his Q&A on DeviantART that the paint jobs do not void the warranty of the controller. It’s “a trade secret”, he quips. Although we find it hard to believe Microsoft would approve of such customizations, it’s a pretty wicked design.

It’s also quite evident that handling this device like any other fanatic gamer would eventually rub the paint off, and Rice Puppet doesn’t pull any punches to deny that possibility either. It is, in fact, art.

“… it’s the natural order of science. It’s unavoidable with any product. Also, if you handle it with care (not throwing the console/controller on the ground), it will last longer of course!” says Rice Puppet.

And as with art, Rice Puppet’s customization costs can be pricey and may take 4-5 days (painting and drying, not including shipping). You can send in your own Wii/PS3/Xbox 360 controller to Bleeding Violin for a paint job for $84, or he can send you a brand spankin’ new Hitman PS3 controller for $162, or a new Wii or Xbox 360 controller for $137.

Via: Deviant Art