Awesome Game of Thrones House Sigils

The greatest thing about A Song of Ice and Fire or Game of Thrones as most un-readers refer to it is the sheer size and epicness of the story line. Not just great storytelling, but the huge back story, which is just as important as the ‘current events’, and the attention to details, like creating a sigil for every house, high or low, makes GRRM’s creation so great.

Warning – Huge Spoiler Alert

Besides presenting the wonderful work of Tom Gateley, we do make a comment or two about the status of each house, according to what’s happening as of the end of A Dance With Dragons. If you’re watching the TV Series or still have not made it this far in the books, just look at the pictures and forget about reading. Remember, you have been warned.

House Stark

Winter is coming

Used to be the greatest house in the North, until things went from bad to worst along the books. Now, more or less an exiled house with Bran acting like a tree, Rickon hiding on Skagos, Sansa in the Vale and Arya training with the Faceless men.

House Targaryen

Fire and Blood

How many Targs are left? Well, depends on the theories you prefer to believe in. We know Daenerys is one. Who else? Young Aegon is presented as one, but chances are he’s not what he appears to be.

House Baratheon

Ours is the Fury

The original house sigil, before the Baratheons took the throne or Stannis declared for the Lord of Light, which created this awesome version of the Stag.

House Lannister

Hear me roar.

The House everybody usually hates and waits for their falls, although Tyrion and the recent Jaime POVs did give them a bit more sympathy points. Cersei manages to help the people why the remember the Lannisters in the first place.

House Tully

Family, Duty, Honor.

One of the more overrated houses in my opinion, and like most of the initial ‘good guys’, they find themselves in exile, with Edmure taken to the Westerlands as captive while everyone’s waiting for the Blackfish to re-appear somewhere.

House Arryn

As high as honor. 

All that’s left from one of the oldest and proudest houses in Westeros is a sickly little Robert Arryn, who won’t last much longer with Mr. Littlefinger buzzing about. He’s unlikely to leave any kids behind him as well.

House Greyjoy

We do not sow

Because they live on such unattractive real-estate property on the Iron Islands, the Greyjoy rule is never something too many mainlanders seem eager to destroy.

House Mormont

Here we stand.

Scattered all over the place, with the women off fighting wars or sending secret messages in the swamps (Where are thou, Howland Reed?!) or with Jorah somewhere in Essos.

House Tyrell

Growing Strong.

With the current turn of events, they just might be the strongest house in Westeros.

House Martell

Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken.

Always kind of a wild card house or an x-factor in the series, we rarely get a view of what they’re doing in the deep South. Just the thought of them joining one of the sides always keeps people on their toes.

House Bolton

Our Blades are sharp.

If ever a house was malicious just for their sigil… Currently the ruling house in the North, but it won’t last for long.

House Manderly

Currently sworn to Bolton, but not really acting the part. Loyalty to the Starks runs deep in the North.

House Whent

They used to seat at the biggest castle of them all, but infertile women meant that the line has no perished.

House Redwyne

Where Arbor red comes from. Arguably have the strongest fleet in Westeros as well.

House Baelish

From having a tower on a rainy and wind-swept rock, Petyr Baelish is now the Lord of Harrenhal and the Vale.

House Connington

A great house that turned into a knightly and unimportant one after Jon Connington was exiled. Now his back, conquering all in his way, carrying Greyscale with him.