How I Met Your Mother – The Star Wars Edition

How I Met Your Mother – good show or annoying? Well, I guess it’s a matter of opinion. I’m in the annoying wagon myself, and would find it a lot more awesome if it was a version of Darth Vader telling the story to Luke and Leia, letting the story of the later trilogy unfold.

Darth Vader was a bad father. Not really a father at all, who actually took off the arm of Luke before telling him the truth about who was that Jedi Knight his father was.

Darth Vader & Kids

In any case, the story of how Natalie Portman walked into a shop on Tatuin and took a Slave Child away from there only to become his lover while he turned himself over to the Darkside as a sideshow to his relationship will probably be a better stand up show than listening and watching the twists and turns in the lives of Ted, Barney, Robin, Lily and Marshall.

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