A Lego Mouse Trap Even MacGyver Would Be Proud of

Who knew that those colorful little Lego bricks can build one of the most foolproof and most effective mouse traps ever?

Every week, Life Hacker posts a contest for its readers, and the previous week’s quest was a MacGyver Challenge to hack something out of Lego bricks. All interested participants had to do was to post a photo of their geekiest and most ingenious Lego hack, the winner of which will be posted and recognized online.

Lego Mouse Trap 1

From the dozens of submissions (and brilliant ones at that) the Life Hacker staff picked the Lego mouse trap built by Peter and his son. It was just a small box-like structure, with a right-sized trap door that opens one way to allow the mouse to slip inside and not get out. There is even a see-through window at the back so you can check if your trap has worked or not.

Lego Mouse Trap 2

The mouse trap is not only effective, but also a humane way of catching mice, too. When the trap is occupied, simply take out the removable lid and release the mouse into the wild. Resourceful and animal friendly. That will surely get MacGyver’s seal of approval.

Who’s MacGyver anyway? For those of you who didn’t know, MacGyver was a popular TV series that aired from 1985 to 1992. It featured a multi-talented secret agent that could solve the most complex problems and get out of any tight situation with just his brains and a Swiss Army Knife. I personally grew up watching the show, and whenever I was in a jam, I used to think to myself, “What would MacGyver do?”

Did you know MacGyver’s first name? It was Angus – imagine that!

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Via Life Hacker