How to Speak Wookiee Manual

A tongue-in-cheek training manual can help you learn how to speak Wookiee thanks to some colorful images, a voice box and a whole lot of fun.

learn to speak wookiee

It’s easy to pretend to speak Wookiee when you’re at a party trying to impress strangers, but how many people actually known some of the finer points of the language? A new manual that teaches you how to properly speak Wookie looks like it might be just the thing for all those amateur interstellar linguists out there.

According to our source, the guide was designed to help teach star travellers and citizens of other galaxies in the finer points of Wookie etiquette and communication, in order to avoid “near-fatal” encounters, and having your arms torn off, as Wookiees are known for.

Rumour has it that the sound module was recorded by Chewbacca himself, and it demonstrates the correct way to pronounce ten useful phrases in Wookiee. Check out the video below to hear some of the phrases, and see what sort of situation they could be used for.

The book is decidedly tongue-in-cheek and I can see it being a great gift the Star Wars nerd in your life. I particularly like the Cantina scene in the book

How to Speak Wookiee goes for under $12 on Amazon.