Giant Confucius Statue Say Life as Art Leave Man Naked

A giant statue of Confucius was recently designed. It’s incredibly detailed and life-like, with realistic facial hair and skin.

giant confucius statue

There’s something slightly eery about having a many times larger than life statue of one of China’s greatest philosophers staring down at you with lazy and meditative eyes.

According to our source, the statue was designed by Zhang Huan, one of China’s most respected artists. With a team of over 100 assistants at his side, this bust is currently one of the largest projects the artist has ever undertaken.

giant confucius bust

In creating the piece, the artist wanted to address a certain number of questions that were on his mind, such as the place of spirituality in a rapidly developing China, and how can the nation find balance in its state of growth.

The piece was designed using a combination of silicone, steel, carbon fiber and acrylic. Constructed so that it sits in a pool of water, the piece encourages viewers to find a sort of inner meditation, and calmness all around them, just as the giant philosopher appears to be doing.

I find it really incredible how much detail the artist managed to put into this piece. From the liver spots and wrinkles on the face, to the frizzled grey hair that reacts realistically with the water, it’s really quite mind-blowing.

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