Leia Display System Lets You Interact with Mid-Air Projections

With a name that’s certainly inspired from Star Wars, the Leia Display System is an innovative user interface that enables people to manipulate images in mid-air.

Leia Display System may seem familiar to already-existing technologies such as 3D projection mapping and holograms, but in fact it’s nothing like those two. First of all, it is not a hologram because the projected images are in 2D only. Secondly, this is so much more than 3D projection mapping, as the mid-air touchscreen can be controlled in a manner that might remind you of Minority Report.

There are plenty of scenarios in which the Leia Display System could prove useful. Well, maybe useful is not the right word, but more like… adequate. It does have a mind-blowing effect and could radically transform ballet, fashion shows, business presentations, shows for kids, so on and so forth.

The way it works is pretty simple, actually. The Leia Display System is actually a frame where a thin layer of mist is sprayed from the bottom-up. A projector is then used for displaying images on mist. The innovative factor is represented by the integrated gesture control system that lets you interact with the projected images.

The Leia Display System will be offered in two versions, the LDS S-95, which measures 95 x 65 cm (37 x 25 inches), and the LDS X-300 can be as large as 3m x 2.5m (9.85 x 8.2 ft). While the S-95 could be used for smaller tasks, the X-300 might come in handy for large-scale architectural presentations.

A display such as this one could really revolutionize gaming, even though it could be awkward in the beginning for players to get their hands wet while playing. The smaller version is said to use 400 ml of demineralized water per hour, while the larger one can turn into mist 4 liters per hour.

The manufacturer is willing to lend such mist displays, not just sell them. However, the prices are available on request, so I can’t make a comment on how affordable this technology is. If you want to stand out from the crowd, though, using the Leia Display System is guaranteed at one of your shows or presentations could really make you look different, regardless of your field of work.

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