Human Looks Like Barbie Doll

Every girl wants to grow up and look like Barbie Doll or so goes the cliché. However, here is a Russian girl who has actually taken that cliché pretty seriously and ‘worked’ towards looking like one.

After a number of surgeries and enhancements, she almost looks like a plastic doll with near perfect features and body. With a waist that is impossibly thin and eyes that look more like Anime characters, 21-year-old Valeria Lukyanova looks just like a doll. She claims to have had just a breast augmentation surgery and no more than that. On YouTube, people have left rude and snide comments that are rather offensive no matter who the person in the video is. Not only do they lambast her for possibly going under the knife, but also criticize her for looking ‘weird and ugly’.

Now, Valeria certainly doesn’t look ugly and looks very beautiful. She also seems to have perfect skin and hair, which might have been Photoshopped. I somehow do not understand why there should be a huge hue and cry if a girl chooses to Photoshop her pictures and post it online, which is what we all do anyway.

I only hope other girls do not take her example and go under the knife in order to look more like Barbie Doll. Unethical plastic surgeons will find that a lucrative business opportunity and perform surgeries that may cause many complications. Meanwhile, Valerie is proud of looking the way she does, and claims that she is the most popular girl on Russian language Internet. If that has brought her fame and success, I would say there is nothing wrong in that.

What I do hope is that young girls do not choose to go under the knife succumbing to popular representation of ideal looks. Meanwhile, if you are a fan of Barbie doll, you can continue to admire her perfect face and body, and not succumb to commercial representation of a woman’s ideal body. If you have a girl in your house, you might want to make sure that she doesn’t develop a distorted body image. You could also go ahead and take a look at Classic Toys and their Failed Remakes.