The Hyetis Crossbow is a 41-megapixel watch… wait what?!

Believe it or not, the newest smartwatch from Hyetis is rigged with a mini camera that takes hi-resolution photos right off your wrist. Cool? You bet!


While the concept of having the ability to take photo and video from your wrist may seem a little odd at first, it’s not too hard to find a situation where having a good camera at the end of your wrist might prove useful. The Crossbow seeks to answer just that fine need, strapping on a video-ready  41megapixel monster camera, without sacrificing the watch’s aesthetics in the meantime. Now obviously, more megapixels doesn’t necessarily mean better picture quality, it does mean high resolution and plenty of details. With awesome cameras coming to smartphones like the Nokia Lumia 1020 for example, it’s interesting to see the arms race that’s building in the electronics market to get a smaller camera with high fidelity photo capability.

Nonetheless, the Crossbow does fit a niche, and it fits it well. Giving its users the potential to sync up to iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8, it tries really hard to appeal to everyone in the market who may want to pick up their pictures via Wi Fi. A built-in noise canceling microphone, Bluetooth, NFC, GPS and even a biometric sensor make this watch a gizmo for the tech-lover in all of us.


Though the feature list is plentiful and impressive though, the price is also nowhere near cheap, with the projected value going well over $1000, those of us wanting a piece of this pie are going to need to hang on and hope for a slightly dumbed-down knockoff in the near future coming from Hong Kong. The crossbow is still in its early forms though, and could still see some more budget oriented versions come out with its release. Time will tell, so keep your fingers crossed.

Source: Engadget

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