Pixels In Your Hands – Hyperkin’s Pixel Art Controller

Hyperkin’s upcoming line of retro controllers is, well, pixel perfect.

Hyperkin’s Pixel Art Controller gray image

Pixel art is as synonymous to gaming as cats are to the Internet. All sorts of media and merchandise recently have caught on with the blocky style; in particular Hyperkin, who latest offering coming in September can’t be any more “pixely.”

Introducing Hyperkin’s Pixel Art controller, a PC and Mac enabled gamepad that is pretty much the definition of “pixely,” which isn’t a word in the dictionary, sure… But then again, Merriam Webster changed the meaning of “literally” this week, so who the heck knows anymore.

Hyperkin’s Pixel Art Controller green image

The six-button layout of the controller follows the SNES and comes in three other awesome color variants besides the traditional gray SNES scheme: red/yellow/black, green/dark gray/purple, and blue/light gray/red (that green one is pretty slick, yo).

Hyperkin promises the Pixel Art is “good as it feels” despite its straight edges. Hmm, I’m not so sure if I believe them, but we shall see. I would think the main attraction for this would be its looks alone, although if it turns out that it feels great to play with, then that’s a huge plus.

Hyperkin’s Pixel Art Controller blue image

The company hasn’t given a price point yet for the Pixel Art controller, but I would imagine it should be within reasonable means along with their other products. Hopefully, you’ll be reasonable enough to check out the latest geekiness we’ve got on cue here on Walyou.com.

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