iCamPro Home Security Robot Spies Burglars with Its Little Eye

Home security is about to become better with the introduction of IP cameras and movement tracking robots. The iCamPro successfully combines the two concepts to give you peace of mind like no other home security robot can.

In fact, the iCamPro is touted to be the world’s first home security robot, and it received this title by providing users with real-time video and audio of anyone ill inspired enough to break into people’s homes. iCamPro is able to automatically track anything that moves, even in bad lighting conditions.

Unlike regular motion tracking cameras, the iCamPro features multiple sensors that enable it to rotate automatically so that it doesn’t lose the burglars from its little eye. This home security robot also comes with a microSD card slot, so that it can store recordings locally, in case the network connection is not working. Speaking of network connections, the iCamPro should be connected to your local Wi-Fi so that it can upload whatever it records to Google Drive.

On top of that, there’s 256-bit encryption, a mechanized infrared-cut filter, as well as companion apps for both Android and iOS. I’m glad that neither of the two major mobile operating systems doesn’t get neglected. Add to that full HD recording and you have a product worth writing home about. There’s also two-way audio integrated in Amaryllo’s smart security camera, and supposing that you notice something out of its place, you can always try to deter the burglars either by talking to them nicely or by making unearthly sounds.

The fact that this camera already garners awards without even being commercially available (it has received the 2015 CES Best of Innovations award last month) is proof of a product well done. the iCamPro will definitely be well received next year, when it will hit the market. Until then, the project is getting crowdfunded.

The iCamPro home security robot is currently featured on Indiegogo, where its developers sought to raise $1,000. The campaign will end in 29 days, and by then it will be considered a major success, as backers have already pledged 72 times the funding goal. Supposing that you back the project with $149 by the time the campaign ends, you will get an iCamPro in May 2015.

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