27 Cool Ice Sculptures for Geeks

Most likely you have probably seen some amazing ice sculptures, but have you seen so many that are inspired by the world of geek? In this amazing collection, we have put together 27 Geeky Ice-Sculptures that are absolutely cool to touch and look at.

Star Wars Ice Sculptures

star wars ice sculptures r2d2 proncess leia c3po 1

star wars ice sculptures r2d2 proncess leia c3po 2

star wars ice sculptures darth vader

star wars ice sculptures at at

Images: Ruddkoster, HSschueller, WalnutCreekChapel, Karen Frederick

Although Star Wars fans will probably freak if they ran across any such Ice Sculptures, it doesn’t mean you have to be a fan to appreciate the detailed artwork. In these examples you could see Darth Vader, Princess Leia, R2D2, C3PO, AT-AT, a Wampa, a Tauntaun and even the awesome Stewie Griffin Darth Vader.

star wars ice sculptures wampa

star wars ice sculptures tauntaun

star wars ice sculptures darth vader stewie griffin

star wars ice sculptures clone

Images: Kermit Gonzales, Every Joe, tikistitch

Awesome Ice Sculpted Robots

Optimus Prime

transformers ice sculpture optimus prime

transformers ice sculpture optimus prime 2

Image Source

The fearless leader of the Autobots must get some respect and in this huge Optimus Prime Ice Sculpture, he was created with intricate detail, effort and style. The second is not as detailed as the original Optimus Prime, but for amateurs it is still a feat that deserves much respect.

Gundam Ice Sculpture

gundam ice sculpture for geeks

Image: Brian Farrell

Gundam robots have never looked so cool as in this creation that adds some color for an added flavor.


wall-e ice sculpture 1

wall-e ice sculpture 2

Images: HhSchueller and Lizziest of Lizzies

No matter how Wall-E is presented, it will always be the cutest robot ever!

Gaming Ice Sculptures

Super Mario Bros.

super mario bros ice sculpture luigi

super mario bros ice sculpture mushroom

Images: Jord Ashe and Rodrigo Bravo

Here are the two great examples of gamers bringing some cool art to the world with the Luigi ice statue and the Super Mario Bros Mushroom.


zelda ice sculpture link shield

Image: the Project

Link’s Shield has been found made out of an ice block.


tetris ice sculpture geeks

Image: RV61

The Tetris Moscow building has also been replicated in the coolest version ever.

Atari and Ghostbusters

ghostbusters ice sculpture slimer atari

Image: J_pidgeon

Made to commemorate the launch of the Ghostbusters video game, the Atari logo and Slimer were made together as a cold prop.

Google Ice

ice sculptures google geeks 1

ice sculptures google geeks 2

Images: Art Below Zero and Rhett A. Butler

Three separate Gooogle ice sculptures prove that Google can be cool and geeky at the same time.

ice sculptures google geeks 3

Comic Book Superheroes

spiderman ice sculpture

batman ice sculpture

Images: David Grant and Mykl Roventine

Spiderman and Batman have never looked so cool as they do in these detailed and amazing Ice Sculptures.

Skype Ice Pool Table

ice-sculpted pool table skype

I am not sure what Skype has to do with an ice sculpted pool table, but it really doesn’t matter, for the result is awesome. It may not help with long distance calls, but the ice may make a difference with long distance shots.

The Predator

predator ice sculptures geeks

Image: HHSchueller

The Predator must be able to withstand heat and also actual freezing point, because here we see him standing tall as an ice statue.

Lego Ice

lego ice sculpture geeks 1

lego ice sculpture geeks 2

Images: Deirdre Jean and Chip200

Lego has millions of fans worldwide, but they have probably never thought it could be just as cool in a clear version.