In Your Face, Interface!

Sick and tired of looking at the same old picture of the Himalayan Mountains on your desktop everyday? How about having to open those crummy files in ‘My Documents’ with your mouse instead of your hands? Don’t you just feel like your computer is, oh I don’t know, impersonal? The video To Whom It May Concern: is here to lift your spirits.

Actually, To Whom It May Concern: probably won’t indirectly personalize your computer anymore than modern technology and culture has forced it to be. Instead, it will make you have a right laugh at how bent on technological personalization we really are.

The video is a three-minute presentation of a hoax computer interface that has its user physically interacting with the hard drive, desktop settings, entertainment features, etc. The interface is a ‘virtual’ reality emulating a conventional office in which the user paradoxically has to do everything manually, one of the things computers were built to fend off.

In To Whom It May Concern:, the hard drive is not accessed with the click of your mouse: you have to pull open the drawer yourself. That’s right, the hard drive’s a filing cabinet. No more of this easy peasy nonsense that lets you search for a file directly. Use your eyes for once! With the pretty colors shining from inside the drawers, you’ll never want to look at that scraggly search bar again!

How about those moving ‘bubbles’, ‘fish’ and ‘fire’ on your desktop? Notice the quotation marks fencing those items. Do you know why they’re there? Because those screensavers aren’t real! The user interface presented in the To Whom It May Concern: remedies this age-old charade with real bubble and smoke machines! It’s a wonder we ever bothered with that rubbish in the first place.

Personally, my favorite aspect of the user interface is its gaming feature, a musical carpet! As seen in the video, the user can jump up and down on the carpet to compose music! I bet you can’t do that with your measly Windows XP.

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