10 Incredible Hovercrafts

They look like a boat and are operated by a pilot in a manner similar to that of an aircraft, these wonderful means of transportation stand out through their versatility which leads to them being used for transportation, commercial, recreational and even military purposes.

Hovercrafts might seem like science fiction for some but they were invented in the 1950s and they are a great way to travel due to the hybrid capabilities that can take you over land, water, ice or mud with ease. Let us take a look at some of the models you can find on the market today and find out a bit more about these amazing creations.

Renegade Hovercraft

They have several models available and this one is the most basic version, making it great for a weekend distraction as well as for commercial or leisure uses. The lower hull is made from Kevlar so you won’t have problems going with this over any places and can even use it in racing due to the fuel injected engine that powers propulsion fan leading to speeds of up to 48mph. it has room for two passengers and you can ride it for up to three hours straight. The price for this hovercraft is $24,900.

The Kaiman from Airlift Hovercraft

Designed to be simple to operate and highly reliable, the Kaiman can be used for military or industrial roles and it can take you through any tough terrain without any problems. The great thing is that you can transport it on a wide trailer on the road and it weighs under a ton. There are eight passenger seats so you can use it for a short cruise. They are quite mysterious about the price of this hovercraft and thus you will have to contact them to find out how much you have to pay for this one.

Griffon 380TD

With a capacity of five persons and really easy to operate controls, this hovercraft can be used to go over water, mud or simply act as a flood rescue. With low noise and a combination of aluminum and composite materials, this hovercraft can accomplish almost any task and reach placed where you couldn’t get with a boat. The maintenance is simple and it is one of the most efficient and advanced hovercrafts you can get for this size. Find out more about it here.

Neoteric Recreational Hovercraft Deluxe

These light hovercrafts stand out through their many customization options that give you more seats, better features, a rooftop or a better ability to control them. You can even get a trailer designed specifically for your hovercraft, because the one you use with your car or boat won’t be usable over any terrain. The price for one of these beauties starts from $25,000 and it will be worth every penny.

Hov Pod SPX TCC 65HP

The complicated name describes a really high powered 3-seat hovercraft that was designed for aviation applications so it is extremely reliable. It’s amazing that you can get access to hovercrafts that were initially designed for military applications and since 2010 this one uses a thermal process to reduce the overall weight of the vehicle while at the same time making it more resistant. Find out more about it here.

Pacific Hovercraft’s Slider

The slider is named thus because of its maneuverability and its ease of use. The engine was made in Germany and it has 70HP, while the propulsion makes it safe over water, snow, dry land or through swamps. Through its flexible skirt you will have stability over any terrain so it is great for fishing, and you won’t damage the surface ecology of any area you pass through. The developers offer a lot of information about it here.

The 2015 Marlin III

The leading manufacturer of small hovercrafts in the UK sells these for private buyers and businesses and this model was designed as a recreational or commercial craft that comes with two or three seats and a large variety of options. The developers go into a really high amount of detail about their work so you should check out this site for more info.

Supercraft by Mercier-Jones

If performance and cost efficiency was the name of the game for most of our previous models, this one focuses on luxury and brings the supercar technology into a hovercraft. This elegant amphibious vehicle will draw many looks but it also boasts an innovative propulsion system and drive train along with a directional control system that will make you feel as if you’re driving a high speed automobile. With two seats and a lot of class, this ride is a unique design and if you add the fact that it’s a limited edition you will understand why the starting price for one is $85,000.

ABS M10 Hovercraft

This award winning hovercraft is quite a bit larger than the previous ones and it was designed for law enforcement and commercial routes. It has two Diesel engines and it stands out for its lower maintenance cost than conventional patrol vessels while still having all the amphibious capabilities. It won the Millennium product award for its advanced technology but you have to contact the developers for more information about the price.

Hammacher Schlemmer Hovercrafts

They have some models that might seem more playful, such as the Golf Cart Hovercraft which allows you to easily to past sand, water or grass at a speed of up to 45 mph, but there are some models that are quite impressive such as their flying hovercraft that brings this means of transportation to a new high. They also offer a more conventional hovercraft with two seats that is well made and will cost you $19,500.

Make it yourself guides

If the idea of spending over $20,000 for a hovercraft is disarming there are other ways of getting one. Check out this project in which someone started from scratch and built one by themselves with a 10 HP engine and under $1,000 in material costs.

Hovercraft Kits

Perhaps the price of a hovercraft seems too steep for you, but that shouldn’t stop you from getting the ride of your dreams. The people from Universal Hovercraft give you access to all the components needed to build one yourself and if you like tinkering with engines this could be a wonderful hobby. They have many models for projects of one to over ten persons and you will certainly have something to be proud of when you build such a machine by yourself. Plus it is much cheaper to assemble one and you will get to know a lot more about how the hovercraft works in the process.

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