Infinite lives glitch discovered in Super Mario Bros: make the game a breeze

Fans are still talking about Super Mario Bros 30 years after its original release, this time because of a game-changing glitch that grants infinite lives.

Super Mario Bros Glitch

Let’s agree on something: the original Super Mario Bros wasn’t all that hard, even when compared with other Nintendo classics such as Zelda, Ninja Gaiden, or the dreaded Silver Surfer. Regardless, this is such a cool oddity, useful or not, that we couldn’t help but share it with our readers. Turns out, there’s a new method to reach the max of 128 lives during the second quest (you know, when you replay the game after beating it) via a glitch executed by two players.

So, how does this glitch work? Well, the game has to be played in 2-player mode, and one player has to be at the beginning of stage 2 (although there might be other spawn points that also work). The other player has to find a vine, and time his/her own death to the moment the vine is growing. This will cause the vine to spawn where the first player is, where they can just use it to endlessly bounce on enemies to get those infinite lives. Still need help with the concept? Just check the video below these lines.

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