InNuevo DOCKr to iPad: I’ll Make a Laptop Out of You

Android tablet users have at their disposal plenty of docks that literally transform their devices into laptops. DOCKr now offers iPad owners the same functionality and more.

According ot InNuevo, who is the manufacturer of this device, the DOCKr fixes six problems you may or may not know your iPad had. On May 17, InNuevo got funded on Kickstarter after raising $1,673 more than its initial $15,000 goal, so the iPad dock will enter mass production in the near future.

Gadget batteries are never too good for the world we live in. No matter how well the iPad battery performs, users will always want more. Hence, the first problem DOCKr fixes is the battery life. More precisely, it extends it by 4 to 8 hours, depending on screen brightness, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and so on. In addition, the dock comes with several charging ports that facilitate powering multiple devices.

DOCKr also comes with built-in wireless speakers that connect to the tablet through Bluetooth. The iPad already features a loudspeaker, but if you want to start a party, you’ll definitely need something more serious than that.

While not featuring it by default, the case has room for a inNuevo wireless keyboard. Purchasing them together would offer buyers a discount, but alternatively, the wireless keyboard can also be purchased separately. It is available in the following color options:

  • Absolute Black
  • Emerald Green
  • Midnight Blue
  • Pearl White
  • Ruby Red

One of the things that distinguishes DOCKr from many other tablet stands is that it allows people to use the tablet either in portrait or landscape mode. Obviously, when the iPad is used in landscape mode, the case makes it look more like a laptop.

As DOCKr is made out of injection molded polycarbonate plastic, it will offer some protection to the iPad. No matter how tough the display and back of the tablet are said to be, it’s always better to be precocious than to pay for reparations.

Last, but not least, is the possibility to customize the iPad. DOCKr comes in five different colors (the same ones that the keyboard is available in), so it will provide some variation from the default black and white. The prices vary from $55.95 to $149.95, depending on the integrated electronics, and pre-orders can be placed here. Below is a brief presentation of DOCKr’s key features, in case you need more proof of its utility.


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