The Art of Book Stacking in Japan

In order to solve the problem of running out of space in Japanese book stores, the beautiful book stacking technique which actually has a few different styles was formed, which involve both practicality and style.

The most important thing about these book towers, saving quite a lot of space on shelves in the overcrowded stores thanks to the never ending Manga flowing into the shops, is allowing customers to actually pick a copy so they can buy it, and not just watch and be amazed.

Book Tower

Book Tower II

Book Tower III

There’s also a way of being a tad more artistic when it comes to stacking books in the store, using something called the ‘Spiral’ technique.

Flower Tower

Spiral Tower

Spiral Tower II

Spiral Tower III

Spiral Book Tower

Spiral Tower IV

And from the Spiral developed another style of book stacking – the Tornado.

Tornado Book Stacking

Tornado Book tower

Spiral on a Tornado

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