The 10 Internet Plagues

The Internet is not all laughs and happy things, and if you dare venture in the dark corners of the web, you should be ready to face the 10 Internet Plagues.

Not all the web is about lolcats, and each day more and more, the internet is afflicted by this curse of biblical proportions: contents that you will find almost anywhere. It’s really dangerous, let us tell you! Here are the things you have to watch out for the most.


I hope you didn’t really want to discuss philosophy. Because you won’t.


Have a story to share? How about we do it in Rage Faces? And if you happen to find them funny, don’t worry: soon enough your little sister will be (mis)using them too.


“Is he really that stupid? Why am I so unbelievably pissed off?”

Shady Ads

No, really, you totally were the 10000th visitor.


That Van Halen song you really like will cut in the best part of the solo.

Inane Tweets

Some people spend so much time tweeting about their coffees that I’m pretty sure they are drinking it cold.

Death Of Google Privacy Policy

This is not even funny. We want to cry.

YouTube Comments

435 people didn’t think this entry was funny.

Facebook Apps

Young 28 year old male, you should totally play this game where you have to become the most popular sorority girl. And you, 23 year old female, I’m sure you always wanted to work in a farm by clicking the screen.

Via: CollegeHumor

If after this you’ve lost all hope in the Internet, we want to calm you down. For the most part, all of these things are sort of hilarious, and even sometimes can be cute. Don’t believe us? Just check this Meme-filled Wedding Proposal [Video].