inWatch One Smartwatch Packs Android JB and GSM Data Connectivity

What sets inWatch One apart from most of the other Android smart watches is the GSM SIM slot that assures data connectivity even in the absence of a Wi-Fi network in the vicinity.

inWatch one is not yet another Android smartwatch. This has certain features that make it stand out, but it remains to be seen if these features are worth the price of this intelligent timepiece.

Probably the most important feature of this watch is its GSM connectivity that reduces the need for a Wi-Fi network, but mind you, this is not the only strong point of the inWatch One smartwatch. It comes with a custom version of Android 4.2, which the manufacturer named inDroid.

Since it only measures 2.17 inches in height, 1.57 in width and 0.35 inches in depth, this smart watch fits perfectly on normal hands. The 1.54-inch 240×240 OLED display has a pixel density of 220 pixels per inch, which is pretty decent for a device of this type.

There seem to be discrepancies between the English specs and the Chinese ones on the inWatch website, as the latter state the watch has 1GB of RAM and 8GB of memory, while the English specs only show half of that.

A dual core 1.2Ghz CPU runs this whole device, and I seriously doubt that people would need more than that for a smartwatch. Additional features include a 3-axis G-sensor, a gyroscope sensor, a 3-axis magnetic sensor, Intelligent Voice Control, Cloud Control and wireless charging.

As far as connectivity goes, besides GSM in the 900/1800/2100 MHz bands, inWatch One also includes Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and a GPS radios. Pairing the watch with a Bluetooth headset will give users access to voice networks, thus allowing them to place and answer calls easily.

Even though only three bezels are shown in the above picture, the inWatch One smartwatch will appear on shelves in five different colors.

Additional information is available, along with other images of the product, on the inWatch website. Unfortunately, the page is only available in Chinese, and most of the text is part of the images, so Google Translate won’t help that much.

One thing I’m extremely happy about is that by the time Apple’s iWatch gets launched, the market will be saturated with all sorts of Android smartwatches. Yet, I have no doubt that the iSheep will get a few hundred dollars out of their pockets to wear Apple’s latest product, as well.

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