Iomega Superhero Backup and Charger for iPhone [Hands on Review]

The Iomega Superhero is a great iPhone dock which allows a quick and simple way to backup your iPhone contacts and images while also charging your phone.

iomega superhero iphone backup

We were first introduced to the Superhero at CES earlier this year and were presented with this painless backup system from Iomega. The practicality and concept is fairly straight forward, and once we got our hands on one, we saw it was so in real life as well.

Basically, the Superhero is a great iPhone accessory without any learning curve involved. If you are one of the many that is having difficulties syncing with iTunes, getting frustrated at lost contacts but is relying on your contacts list on a daily basis, then the Superhero is definitely a Godsent.

iomega superhero iphone backup dock

Without any prior training, we were able to find it useful practically right out of the box: we simply plugged it in, downloaded (and installed) the app, and docked our iPhone. Then simply left the backup work to the Superhero.

Included is a 4GB SD Card, so your images could also be backed up in the process. The only thing is that images weigh much more then your contacts, so if you have hundreds of images, it best to leave it overnight. Still, you may use your iPhone at any time, and the backup will continue when you dock it back on. Best part is, your iPhone will always be charging when docked, so you have a continuous backup and charge.

iomega superhero iphone dockjpg

For many who have encountered iTunes frustration in the past with their contacts and/or images lost, screwed up or synced incorrectly, the Superhero could really grant you peace of mind; you are no longer relying on the hopes that iTunesl work as you would like. At the end of the day, the Superhero lets you know that your contacts are safe, and that images are all accounted for.

The Superhero from Iomega runs for approximately $80 and makes for an amazingly practical iPhone accessory for all users.

iomega superhero iphone dock backup