Aluminum Buddy Case Turns iPad 2 Into Macbook Air

While the iPad and the iPad 2 are both two of the coolest and most popular devices around when it comes to consumer electronics, there are ways to make them even better.

One of the neatest things about the iDevices is that they were almost built so that outside developers could find ways to make the devices that much better simply by hooking another device up to them.  The Crux case has worked wonders with the original iPad in making it easier to use the iPad as though it were some kind of a netbook as opposed to a touchscreen tablet.  The iShuttr doesn’t work with the iPads but it does work with the iPhone and it is able to turn that device into a camera that a professional photographer would be proud to use.

While the Crux Case did indeed come through for the iPad users in turning the tablet into something closer to a laptop or netbook, the aluminum Buddy Case does the same thing for the iPad 2, only instead of just any laptop, this particular case turns the iPad 2 into something that looks an awful lot like a Macbook Air.

The Buddy Case connects with the iPad 2 the way that most of the best cases that turn iPads into laptops, meaning it uses Blue Tooth connection so that there isn’t any kind jack you have to plug in.  The iPad 2 simply sits in the top of the case and the keyboard forms the bottom.  The Buddy Case also fold in on itself much like a regular old latpop does and there is very little if any lag between what you type and what shows up on the screen, so not only does it look as though you are working on a laptop but it feels like it too.  Of course, one of the added features of making the Buddy Case aluminum as opposed to the always popular leather is that you are able to have a case that serves both form and function and is also a little more durable.  Best of all might be that this particular Buddy Case isn’t all that expensive as you can get them for $49.90 a piece.