CheckIn+ Brings AR To Foursquare And Facebook

Augmented reality is seeing more and more use among various consumer gadgets but one place where it seems to be most popular is among smartphones, specifically the iPhone.

And while there are some augmented reality apps that don’t pose a real purpose beyond bringing you some much needed entertainment like the AR Cinema app that will actually show a particular movie scene if you happen to be in the spot where the scene was shot, there are others that can bring quite a bit more.  Of course there is also AR software that works with a couple of different iPhone or iPad apps that actually allow you to play games like Dodgeball.  Now there is an AR app for the iPhone that will allow you to take more advantage of sites like Foursquare or Facebook.

The Checkin+ and the CheckinPro allow you to use your favorite check in software while the app will actually overlay your real world surroundings with other places you might want to check out.  This particular overlay means that while you might be the mayor of a particular location you can also see another spot that could be interest to you, as well as how far away you are from this place and how to get there.

This isn’t the kind of technology that is going to blow you away, but the ability to see both where you are and where you might want to go is certainly the kind of AR tech that will be able to improve our lives a little bit at a time.  The Checkin+ is created by the same people who have made one of the most popular Instant Messaging app in the IM+, so they know how to make sure that iPhone users are happy with their products and are getting the most out of them.

Best of all is that there are actually two different apps that do the exact same thing.  If you are okay with having to get past a few ads here and there then you can go with the free app.  Should you want to be advertisement free you can go with CheckIn Pro.