iPad 3G Can Now Make Calls and Send Text Messages

While tablet technology has really come a long way especially after Apple introduced its iPad, people have been complaining about how they need to carry too many gadgets in order to stay wired in every possible manner.

For instance, if you have an iPad to browse and do other media related stuff; you would need to carry an iPhone or any other Smartphone as well, to send text messages and to make calls. Hackers at iPhoneIslam, based in Egypt have announced that they have unveiled PhoneItiPad, an app that they claim will allow your iPad 3G to make telephone calls and also send text messages. The website is in Arabic, and they also do not provide much information at the moment about how they hacked the iPad 3G.

All that they have revealed so far is that the iPad 3G, after receiving their treatment is able to make telephone calls, send messages and also use phone numbers with the help of FaceTime. The best part about this hack is that this would not require any special hardware and all that you would require is an iPad 3G that is jailbroken. iPhone Islam has released a video in which they show that a 64 GB iPad can make telephone calls to a Vodafone number, and also send text messages to iPhones kept next to the iPad.

If you can remember, these were the same guys who brought FaceTime to iPhone 3GS. This proves that these geeks do know what they are doing, and that we can count on them for their authenticity. PhoneItiPad is expected to reach the Cydia store soon, and there is no other information available at the moment. You could also read about the Soundjaw app, which helps in bringing low tech sound enhancement to iPads. The Vibe iOS App allows you to share your thought bubbles.