Speedrunning Nintendo Video Games at its Finest

Part of playing and finishing a video game is enjoying every little bit of the world you’re immersed in, finding every Easter egg and doing every possible side mission. But sometimes it’s fun to see how fast you can go through it, which is called performing a ‘speedrun.’

Not all games are built for that kind of playing style, but the older Nintendo games and on other platforms like Sonic for Sega were simply made for that kind of concentrated effort.

How concentrated? Well, karljobst , a popular user on Twitch, got an idea of playing three Nintendo games he used to sit on quite often during his younger days (not that he’s so old right now) – Zelda: Ocarian of Times, Super Mario 64 & Goldeneye 007 and trying to complete them in under an hour.

The result? A lot of fun sitting in front of three screens with three different controllers and amazingly completing all of them in 51 minutes. For people who love watching others playing video games, updated or classic, this is the perfect feat for you to invest your time in.

Super Mario 64