8 of the Best iPad Cases and Covers

Some iPad cover manufacturers focus more on the design of their products, while others are more concerned about the protection the cases can offer. The best iPad cases, however, combine both these aspects.

Hardshell iPad Case: Supreme Functionality

Hard Candy’s Hardshell iPad case is a very lightweight polycarbonate cover that will offer amazing protection for your tablet and something more. On one of its sides it comes with a flip out mechanism resembling the one found on keyboards. This will allow you to lift the iPad a bit and type more comfortably. Not only the way you type is improved by this mechanism, but also the viewing angle. Since the cover does not make the tablet bulky, you will still be able to use it with your Apple iPad Dock or even with other iPad accessories, as compatibility is great with most of then. The snap-on lid and the back cover are soft to touch, but this does not influence at all the toughness and the great care this case provides.

This case is available in 5 colors (black, blue, pink, silver, purple) and can be purchased for $49.95 on the manufacturer’s web site.

Summit by ifrogz: King of the Hill

Even though the manufacturer defines a summit as a meeting of chiefs or high officials, the meaning of “highest point of a hill” makes much more sense, given that the creative brains who came with this design were in the Alps for brainstorming. As the exterior flap features Smart Technology, the tablet will automatically go on or off. In addition, you can use the same flap as a stand, thus being able to watch video clips on the iPad from numerous angles.

The outer layer of the case is made from polyurethane, while the inner layer is made from polycarbonate. This particular combination, along with the folio design, makes the product both very fashionable and very durable. You do not have to worry about impact damage, dust or scratches, as the Summit case will protect the tablet against all of these.


As well as the model presented above, Summit also comes in 5 colors and can be purchased for $59.99 on ifrogz.com.

BackBone by ifrogz: Ultimate Sturdiness

BackBone is yet another iPad 2 cover that is compatible with the Apple Smart Cover. However, its impressive sturdiness certainly sets it apart from all the rest. The main cause of the extreme durability is the injection-molded polycarbonate from which this case is made. Besides that, it comes in one piece that snaps into place, it is slender and features a Luxe finish. As all the iPad cases made by ifrogz, BackBone will ensure protection from scratches and dust.

There is no need for iPad 2 users to worry about the accessibility of the inputs. When this case is on, all the ports and sensors are uncovered. The protection of this device is not influenced in any way by this.

The manufacturer offers a wide variety of colors for this particular cover, to match the color of the Smart Cover. Choose from 12 possible options for $34.99.

SmartSound: Audio Goodness for iPad2

If you are looking for an iPad cover that works hand in hand with the Apple Smart Cover and improves the sound quality of the tablet at the same time, then look no further, because SmartSound is what you need. First of all, this case includes a technology called SoundScoop, which doubles the perceived volume of the tablet by increasing it with up to 10 dB. The sound does not only become louder, but also cleaner.

Together with the Apple Smart Cover, this case covers all the surface areas that are prone to scratches, leaving only the buttons, cameras, jacks and ports uncovered. The TPU material is flexible, durable and has a stylish frosted finish. The increased flexibility allows you to adjust the iPad in various positions, so you can read or watch movies more comfortably.

Glam: Fashionable Protection

Glam by Cygnett could as well accompany fashion models from Paris or Milan on the catwalks. The glossy patent-leather from which this folio case is made from is simply beyond words. Therefore, Glam will not only protect your precious tablet from scratches and drops, but will also catch the eyes of many people. The case also doubles as a stand, so you can read, write or watch movies from a better angle.

As with all the other cases made by Cygnett, this one does not obstruct access to the ports, cameras or sensors. Also, the Glam comes with a 2 year warranty, which is yet another proof that this manufacturer creates iPad cases that will resist wear and tear for a long time.

Carbon Fiber iPad 2 Case: Unmatched Rigidity 

Carbon fiber is known to be among the most rigid materials on our planet, so it comes to no surprise that MonCarbone decided to use this as the primary matter for the Midnight Black iPad 2 case. The product is handcrafted from 690,000 carbon fiber thin strands and is meant to fit the tablet as a glove. According to the manufacturer, the target audience is represented by iPad 2 owners who expect something more than just boring leather or plastic cases.

Not only the weight of just 40 grams is incredible, but also the thinkness of 0.6mm. The Midnight Black case also works perfectly with Smart Cover and Smartt Mate. To insure compatibility with these products, the manufacturer employed a proprietary technology that reveals 0.35mm of thickness in order to accommodate the two aforementioned accessories. The color of plastic or leather cases tends to fade in time, but this is certainly not the case for the Midnight Black case, which is UV resistant. The durability of carbon fiber is said to be greater than the one of the steel, so users should not worry about the integrity of their device. The longevity of the product is also guaranteed by the reinforced scratch resistant finish.

This MonCarbone case is available in three colors (Midnight Black, Mystery Black and Luminous Silver) and retails for $79.99 on the manufacturer’s web site.

ZAGGfolio  – All-in-One iPad2 Case

Asus Transformer and Acer Iconia might have caused a bit of envy among iPad2 owners, as both those tablets include a keyboard. However, due to ZAGG, this is no longer the case. The company that is Zealous About Great Gadgets came with a solution that will astonish all the people who do not own an iPad2. ZAGGfolio combines in a single device a keyboard, a cover and a stand, making it one of the best companions, especially for the price tag it has.


This sleek and stylish case is made from carbon fiber and has a very sturdy microfiber lining. The stand and the built-in keyboard, which connects to the iPad via Bluetooth, turn the tablet into a netbook, thus increasing productivity. The keyboard features iPad2 specific keys and comes with a rechargeable battery that should suffice for a fortnight. In addition, the keyboard can be removed, case in which the ZAGGfolio can be used as a stand-folio combo. This product is available for $99.99 on ZAGG.com.

Etch-a-Sketch iPad Case: The Perfect Disguise

Ever wanted to disguise your iPad2 as something else? This Etch-A-Sketch iPad case is able to turn your precious tablet into a toy for kids in just a few seconds. By doing this, iPad owners achieve two things. First of all, they make the tablet more attractive for children and secondly, they make the iPad2 less attractive for thieves. Considering the price of the tablet, no one would like it to be stolen and on the other hand, no one would ever steal a children’s toy.


Despite having the aspect of a toy, this case is still fully functional and resistant. The ABS plastic from which it is made absorbs shocks very efficiently. Etch-A-Sketch also features some kickstands, which make typing in landscape mode a lot easier.
Versions of this officially licensed Etch-A-Scketch case for both the original iPad and for iPad2  are available for $39.99.

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