Cygnett Launches New Covers for iPad 2

Cygnett, Australia’s premier designer of accessories for Apple products, recently launched a new line of covers for iPad 2. If quality and style are what you look for in such a product, check these ones out.

Cygnett Windsor: Classy Case for iPad 2

Simplicity is often sought for in a product, as in many cases, it is the very definition of elegance and classiness. Cygnett Windsor is a polished leather case what will ensure the protection of your beloved iPad 2. It is very convenient to use and very practical, as it allows you to place the device in three possible positions. Therefore, you will not only get a stylish case that will provide 360-degree protection from drops and scratches, but also one that provides a great degree of flexibility when traveling. The ports, cameras, buttons and touchscreen are all accessible when using this case.


Cygnett SecondSkin Ink: Flexible iPad 2 Case

Cygnett SecondSkin Ink turns functional flexibility into a physical thing. This silicone case may look simple, but it is still able to protect the device from bumps and scratches, while maintaining a sleek design. Some people are reluctant when thinking about iPad 2 cases, as they think that the added protection is equivalent to an increased bulkiness. Cygnett SecondSkin Ink is made especially for such people who are equally concerned about protection and design. As all of the covers for iPad 2 manufactured by Cygnett, this one does not obstruct the ports, cameras and buttons, either. One added advantage of the material from which this case is made is the extra grip. Other covers may have slippery surfaces, but not this one.


Cygnett SmartSound: Audio-Boosting Protection

According to the manufacturer, Cygnett SmartSound goes hand in hand with Apple’s magnetic detachable SmartCover. In fact, Cygnett’s product is the perfect complement of SmartCover. When used in tandem, these two cover all the surfaces that are prone to scratching. However, the main attraction of the SmartSound case is probably SoundScoop, which enhances the audio experience considerably by deviating the sound in your direction. SoundScoop is able to increase the volume of the device by up to 10 dB, thus doubling the native audio capabilities of iPad 2. The frosted finish of the TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) material also makes the case incredibly visually attractive and not only resistive to scratches.

All these three products come with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty, fact that emphasizes once more the quality of the products.

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