Lilypad Solar Case Keeps iPad Alive for a Fortnight

There are many solar iPad chargers out there, but none like this one. Lilypad comes with HDMI and several other features that really make it stand apart in the crowd.

Battery life is one of the major concerns and complaints of most iPad and iPad2 owners. However, as long as photons hit the surface of our planet, Lilypad will be able to keep the tablet charged and ready to go. It must be noted that the case gets charged when exposed to either natural or artificial light. For the average user, Lilypad will provide enough power for 12-13 days of runtime, but there are also cases when iPads got an additional fortnight of battery life.

If the Lilypad case only acted as a solar case and an extended battery, there would have been nothing out of the ordinary about it. This is where the other features come into play. As mentioned before, the case features HDMI, thus allowing iPad owners to watch YouTube videos and movies on HDMI-capable TVs and projectors. In addition, the case also comes with USB Power-Out, a feature that offers the possibility of charging mp3-players, cameras and any other portable device that can be powered via USB.

The movie stand and the keyboard stand are two features of the case that provide an increased degree of flexibility. Users will be able to adjust their iPad in the position that is the most convenient for them to watch movies or to type. Lilypad has a soft rubberized surface that makes it perfect for the protection of the tablet, as the TPU material can easily absorb shocks. The ones who will buy it must also know that 80% of the material used in the manufacture of this device are recyclable.

One of the most innovative features of this case must be its whistle locator, which allows forgetful iPad owners to find their misplaced beloved devices at the blow of a whistle. Also worth mentioning is the messenger & travel bag that comes with the Lilypad. This sturdy neopren bag has a hole cut into one of its sides, so that the case can charge the iPad even when on the move.

At the moment, the manufacturer of Lilypad awaits the funds that were gathered on Kickstarter. Since the project got more than 3 times the pledged amount, there is no doubt that the device will enter mass production. People who want to be among the first ones to own a Lilypad will be sent one if they pledge $165 or more until October 2, when the project gets funded. After that, the case will have the same price of $165. The fact that the manufacturer received a CTIA Innovation Award in 2011 emphasizes once more how much potential this case really has.

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