Forget Laser Pointsers, Use iPad Games to Play With Your Cat

A new iPad app was released for cats, allowing them to play with a virtual ball of yarn, protect cheese from hungry mice, and other fun games.The Australian branch of the RSPCA has developed an iPad app targeted not at people, but at cats. Called the “Affection Collection,” this set of games is comprised of Roller Kitty, Kitty Raid, and Kitty chef, three different games all designed to entertain and stimulate cats – hopefully ones that have been de-clawed first, though.

Besides just being a fun way to entertain cats, the designers of the app said that the Affection Collection is also supposed to provide enrichment and stimulate feline intelligence.

The three games all stimulate the cat in a different way. Roller Kitty shows a virtual ball of yarn that cats can bat around, Kitty Raid lets cats defend cheese from invading mice, and Kitty Chef  is pretty self-explanatory.

The games even include a points system so that cat lovers can see how their pets stack up against their friends’.

Although this isn’t the first time cats have been filmed playing with iPads, the video below shows that the Affection Collection is probably the most innovative example of such.

The app is designed to be very easy for cats to use – it even has a feature that will shuffle through the available games and start one automatically for those who wish to leave their cats alone with an iPad to entertain themselves. They can simply start the app, place the iPad on the ground, and leave – the cats do the rest.

The collection of games was designed and developed by the RSPCA Queensland, and is available now for free through iTunes for the iPad only, and was found by the folks over at MailOnline.