Ion Audio’s iPad Guitar Apprentice

Everyone manages to grab a shiny new guitar and get all excited about learning it and dreaming about becoming the next big thing in music scene.

However, after a week, the shiny guitar begins to gather dust as after a little while of intensive practice, we realize that learning guitar isn’t an easy task. What seemed fun isn’t easy anymore, and in fact, leaves fingers sore and tired. Hard work can be off putting to most guitar learners and many video games like Guitar Hero have tried to keep learners playing for a longer time. In fact, many of these games have succeeded in doing so. Ion Audio’s iPad Guitar Apprentice is a device that learners can use to play the guitar efficiently. It allows you to use your existing iPad to learn the notes and also the position of strings and frets.

It was featured at the CES 2012, Las Vegas and the device can be carried anywhere you want as it does not need an external connections or leads. The electric-guitar style controller for Guitar Hero can be used a full-fledged musical instrument that also doubles up as a music tutor. The Guitar Apprentice comes with 14 fret board-fret buttons and strings. These can be strummed or plucked individually or altogether, allowing you to learn and practice practically every song that you might want to.

It is expected to cost $100 and is a great device to purchase if you already have an iPad with you, and want to learn how to play the guitar. You could also take a look at these 23 Guitar Mods that we had listed sometime back. The Shovel Guitar Mod is an interesting device as well. If you want to learn how to play the guitar, you would need to invest time and effort more than money.